In this skills-based workshop, Dead Puppet Society (The Wider Earth, Laser Beak Man) open the doors to their process, exploring their approach to visual theatre and the creation of the puppets for Storm Boy. This one-day intensive will provide professional development around methods of integrating puppetry with live actors, design and prototyping puppet characters, learning the foundational principles of puppet manipulation, and examining how these methods were used in the stage adaptation of Colin Thiele’s iconic Australian work. The prototype for Mr Percival himself will also make a guest appearance!

This workshop also includes an A-reserve ticket to see Storm Boy at Southbank Theatre earlier in the week on Monday 17 June 8pm. 

Dead Puppet Society are experts in contemporary storytelling. They are known for works that transform text into compelling visual theatre. Whether you are intending on working to refresh classic Australian texts or engage more visually with storytelling forms, there will be something inspiring in this workshop for you.

Please note, participants will be responsible for their own meals.


Saturday 22 June
10am - 4pm workshop at MTC HQ
Monday 17 June 8pm Preview performance of Storm Boy at Southbank Theatre

$250 per participant


To book, email or call 03 8688 0963.
RSVP essential by 12 June. This workshop is subject to minimum numbers, so please encourage your peers to book too.