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There are many great perks of being an MTC subscriber, but we hear that one of the most-loved is the free subscriber briefing session for each production. On the Monday before the first preview, members of the cast and creative team of a production come together at the venue where it will be presented, to discuss the characters and the themes of the play, share insights from the rehearsal process, and more. Last night, the Constellations team met with our subscribers and there were several great comments, questions, and responses – we thought we’d share our favourites below.

From Director Leticia Càceres
When we come to the theatre we are here to see our humanity exposed, and this play certainly does that.

From MTC Artistic Director Brett Sheehy
The technique required of the actors is astonishing.

From Actor Alison Bell:
The unique form [of the play] means you get to see the full breadth of these characters.

Question: When is the play set?
Lighting Designer Rachel Burke: The theme of limbo has been a big focus of the show. It’s very contemporary but not specific in terms of the setting – it’s a space between time and place.

Question: Is there a significance in the fact that the characters are a beekeeper and a physicist?
Alison Bell: I think it’s a poetical choice. He is so organic and grounded, while she has this fierce intelligence.
Actor Leon Ford: Marianne looks out into the cosmos and feels very small, while Roland spends all his time looking after bees and flying solo.

Question: What gift does the play give to the audience?
Leticia Càceres: It’s a really fun night out – and you will be very touched. Lots of questions will arise – why are we here, and how do we live our lives?
Leon Ford: It’s taught me to think about the small choices in life. All the small things. And ask ‘what is the role of chance in our lives?’

Constellations is playing at Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Studio from 8 February to 23 March.

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