Steve Mouzakis with Tim and Lynne Sherwood

Current Donors

MTC gratefully acknowledges our visionary donors who share our passion and support our work. Current as of 4 July 2017

Lifetime Patrons

Peter Clemenger AO and Joan Clemenger AO
Allan Myers AO QC and Maria Myers AO
The Late Biddy Ponsford
Dr Roger Riordan AM
Caroline Young and Derek Young AM

Endowment Fund Donors

Jane Hansen and Paul Little AO

Tony and Janine Burgess
Geoffrey Cohen Scholarship
Orcadia Foundation
Andrew and Tracey Sisson

Mim and Michael Bartlett
Carolyn and John Kirby AM
Anne and Mark Robertson OAM

Prof Margaret Gardner AO and Prof Glyn Davis AC
Robert Peck AM and Yvonne von Hartel AM
Prof David Penington AC and Dr Sonay Hussein
Renzella Family

Philip Crutchfield QC and Amy Crutchfield
Fred and Alex Grimwade
Rosie Harkness
David and Lily Harris
Emeritus Prof Peter McPhee
Terry Moran AC
Dr Monica Pahuja
Lady Potter AC
Steven Skala AO and Lousje Skala

MTC’s Playwright Giving Circle

Playwrights Giving Circle

Artistic Director’s Circle

Susanna Mason
Craig Semple
Luisa Valmorbida
Caroline Young and Derek Young AM

Benefactors Circle

Crown Resorts Foundation
Packer Family Foundation

The Joan and Peter Clemenger Trust
The Cybec Foundation
Maureen Wheeler AO and Tony Wheeler AO

The Late Betty Amsden AO DSJ
Dr Geraldine Lazarus and Greig Gailey
Louise and Martyn Myer AO
Caroline and Derek Young AM
The Vizard Foundation

Erica Bagshaw
Mary Barlow
The Janet and Michael Buxton Foundation
The Cattermole Family
Macgeorge Bequest
The late Mr Noel Mason and Susanna Mason
Craig Semple
Luisa Valmorbida

John and Lorraine Bates
Sandy Bell and Daryl Kendrick
Dr Andrew Buchanan and Peter Darcy
Ian and Jillian Buchanan
John and Robyn Butselaar
Barry and Joanne Cheetham
Joel Dodge and Family
The Dowd Foundation
Melody and Jonathan Feder
Robert and Jan Green
Jane Hemstritch
Linda Herd
George Klempfner and Yolanda Klempfner AO
Dr Caroline Liow
Marshall Day Acoustics (Dennis Irving Scholarship)
Ian and Judi Marshman
Ian and Margaret McKellar
George and Rosa Morstyn
Daniel Neal and Peter Chalk
Tom and Ruth O’Dea
Dr Pajouhesh (Smile Solutions)
Alison Park
Prof David Penington AC and Dr Sonay Hussein
Jeanne Pratt AC
Janet Reid OAM and Allan Reid
Christopher Richardson
Trawalla Foundation Trust
Anonymous (2)

Advocates Circle

$2,500 – $4,999
Marc Besen AC and Eva Besen AO
Jay Bethell and Peter Smart
Grant Fisher and Helen Bird
Bill Bowness AO
Sandra and Bill Burdett AM
Lynne and Rob Burgess
Pat Burke and Jan Nolan
Diana Burleigh
Jenny and Stephen Charles AO
The Cuming Bequest
Debbie Dadon AM
Ann Darby
Dr Anthony Dortimer and Jillian Dortimer
Shaun and Michelle Factor
Dr Helen Ferguson
Rosemary Forbes and Ian Hocking
Bruce Freeman
Gjergja Family
Heather and Bob Glindemann OAM
Henry Gold
Leon Goldman
Murray Gordon and Lisa Norton
Lesley Griffin
Tony Hillery and Warwick Eddington
Bruce and Mary Humphries
Alex and Halina Lewenberg
Carol Mackay and Greg Branson
Dr Sue McNicol QC
Peter and Kim Monk
Sandy and Sandra Murdoch
Jane and Andrew Murray
Peter Philpott and Robert Ratcliffe
Max Schultz
Tim and Lynne Sherwood
Trikojus Education Fund – Australian Communities Foundation
Cheryl and Paul Veith
Ralph Ward-Ambler AM and Barbara Ward-Ambler
Price and Christine Williams
Margaret and Ray Wilson OAM
Gillian and Tony Wood
Laurel Young-Das and Heather Finnegan
Anonymous (6)

Loyalty Circle

$1,000 – $2,499
Dr Katie Allen and Malcolm Allen
Noel and Sylvia Alpins AM
In memory of Nicola Andrews
Jennifer Andrews
Valma E. Angliss AM
James and Helen Angus
Margaret Astbury
John and Dagnija Balmford
David and Rhonda Black
Marc and Orli Blecher and Family
Steve and Terry Bracks AM
Beth Brown and Tom Bruce AM
Pam Caldwell
Alison and John Cameron
John and Jan Campbell
Clare and Richard Carlson
Fiona Caro
Kathleen and Harry Cator
Chef’s Hat
Chernov Family
Sue Clarke and Lindsay Allen
Assoc Prof Lyn Clearihan and Dr Anthony Palmer
Dr Robin Collier and Neil Collier
Sandy and Yvonne Constantine
Jane Simon and Peter Cox
Dr Cyril Curtain
Mark and Jo Davey
Jocelyn Davies
Jessica Denehey
Mark and Amanda Derham
Katharine Derham-Moore
Jan Dircks
Robert Drake
Bev and Geoff Edwards
George and Eva Ermer
Anne Evans and Graham Evans AO
Marian Evans
Dr Alastair Fearn
Jan and Rob Flew
Elizabeth Foster
John Fullerton
Nigel and Cathy Garrard
Diana and Murray Gerstman
Gill Family Foundation
Brian Goddard
Roger and Jan Goldsmith
Isabella Green OAM and Richard Green
John and Jo Grigg
Ian and Wendy Haines
Glen Harrington and Robyn Eastham
Emeritus Prof Andrea Hull AO
Ann and Tony Hyams AM
Peter and Halina Jacobsen
Peter Jaffe
Ed and Margaret Johnson
Irene Kearsey and Michael Ridley
Malcolm Kemp
Fiona Kirwan-Hamilton and Simon E Marks SC
Doris and Steve Klein
Alan and Wendy Kozica
Elizabeth Laverty
Anne Le Huray
Rosemary Leffler
Joan and George Lefroy
Leg Up Foundation
Alison Leslie
Peter and Judy Loney
Neil and Vida Lowry
Dr Peter and Amanda Lugg
Elizabeth Lyons
Ken and Jan Mackinnon
Alister and Margaret Maitland
Joyce and Bernard Marks
Garry McLean
Elizabeth McMeekin
Brenda and Don McRae
Robert and Helena Mestrovic
John G Millard
Ross and Judy Milne-Pott
Barbara and David Mushin
Julie Nelson
Dr Paul and Sue Nisselle
James Ostroburski
Dr Harry and Rita Perelberg
Dr Annamarie Perlesz
Dug and Lisa Pomeroy
Sally Redlich
Victoria Redwood
Anthony Renzella
Jessica Renzella
Robert Renzella
Sara Renzella
Dr S M Richards AM and M R Richards
Sue Rose
Rae Rothfield
Patrick Rundle and Damien Mulvihill
F & J Ryan Foundation
Edwina Sahhar
Katherine Sampson and Michael Jaboor
Susan Santoro
Graeme Seabrook
Claire Sheed
Prof Barry Sheehan and Pamela Waller
Steven Nicholls and Brett Sheehy AO
Diane Silk
Dr John Sime
Reg and Elaine Smith OAM – Earimil Gardens Charity
Tim and Angela Smith
Diana and Brian Snape AM
Jennifer Steinicke
Ricci Swart
Rodney and Aviva Taft
Sylvia Taylor
Frank Tisher OAM and Dr Miriam Tisher
Pinky Watson
Ursula Whiteside
Ann and Alan Wilkinson
Jan Willliams
Mandy and Edward Yencken
Graeme and Nancy Yeomans
Greg Young
Roz Zalewski and Jeremy Ruskin
Ange and Pete Zangmeister
Anonymous (17)

Women in Theatre Giving Circle

Tamara Brezzi
Kate Galvin
Christine Gilbertson
Charles and Cornelia Goode Foundation
Fiona Griffiths and Tony Osmond
Jane Grover
Jane Hodder
Sarah Hunter
Katherine Kavakos
Liana Kestelman
Janette Kendall
Dr Sam and Belinda Margis and NEST Family Clinics
Peter and Kim Monk
Leigh O’Neill
Anne and Mark Robertson OAM
Debra and Richard Tegoni
Annette and Graham Smorgon
Marion Webster
John and Myriam Wylie Foundation
Anita Zeimer
Anonymous (2)

Education Giving Circle

Tom and Elana Cordiner
David and Lily Harris
George and Yolanda Klempfner AO
Virginia Lovett and Rose Hiscock
Nick Nichola and Ingrid Moyle
Hilary and Stuart Scott
Debra and Richard Tegoni
Linda Rubinstein and Paul Slape

MTC Youth Ambassador Giving Circle

Melody and Jonathan Feder
Heather Forbes
Bruce Freeman
The Gordon Frost Organisation
Larry Kornhauser and Natalya Gill
Ruth and Michael Kurc
Ging Muir and John McCawley
Tom and Ruth O’Dea
Rogers Family
Patrick Rundle and Damien Mulvihill
Aaron and Lorrane Shwartz
Kevin and Elizabeth Walsh

Supporter Circle

$500 – $999
Anita and Graham Anderson
Sandra Beanham
David Byrne
Rosie Cunningham
David and Jennifer Donaldson
Ellen and Cameron Easton
April Harding
James Hill and Dr Caroline Reed
Felicity Jackson
John Kelly
Dorothy Kowalski
Dr Erin Lovering
Dr Hannah Mason
John and Margaret Mason
Sue McCarthy
Emeritus Prof Peter McPhee
Daniel and Katherine Rechtman
Kerry Stephenson
Bethia Stevenson
Henry Winters
Yvonne Yendell
Anonymous (5)

$100 – $499
Salwa Abdel-Aziz
David and Vivienne Abell
Katy and Nigel Adams
Jan Addinsall and Fiona Matyas
Cathy and Peter Aird
Damien Almond
Dr Donald and Robyn Anderson
Ingrid Ashford
Dr Maria Athanassenas
Ann Auld
Kent and Vivien Bacon
Andrius Balnionis and Anna Teller-Balnionis
Heather Bamford
Lesley Bawden
Judith Beamish and Harry Prince
Heather Bell
Kay and Oliver Bennett
Rob and Elise Berry
Jenny Blencowe
Fay Bock
Susan and David Botta
Sandra and John Boughton
John and Sally Bourne
Rachel Bradshaw
Frank and Rosemary Brass
Bernadette Broberg
Marian Brouder
Holly Brown
Jennifer and Howard Brown
Nan Brown
Dr Kathleen Buchanan and Dr Ian Williams
Peter and Roslyn Burgess
Robyn and Graham Burke
Anna Butlinski – In Loving Memory of Biddy Ponsford
Elizabeth Butt
June Cameron
Pamela Chin
Min Li Chong
Arthur and Elaine Clark
Christine Clough
Philip Cook
Tanya Costello
John Crocker
Sheila Curtis
Judith Dal Sasso
Nola and Daryl Daley
Robyn Dalziel
Stewart Daniels and Daniel Goff
Dr Linda Danvers
Beverley Davis OAM JP and Dr John Davis
Lyle Daymond
Margaret Dean
Patricia Dennis and Garrie Christie
Dr Irene Donohue Clyne
Susan Donovan and John Gilder
Therese Doupe
Geoffrey and Margaret Dreher
Laura Dunn
Sue Dutton
Isabel and Graeme Edgoose
In Honour of Ronald Falk
Peter Fearnside
Dr John Ferguson and Dr Valentina Brilliant-Ferguson
Andrew Fiedler and Lydia Nakovska
Kenneth and Sandra Fitzsimmons
Tina and Domenica Forestiere
Ralph and Diane Francione
Vincent and Elisabeth Gawne
Maria George
Jeanet Hofland
Barbara Green
Joanne Griffiths
Geoffrey and Margaret Grinton
Liz Guthrie
Jean Hadges
Dr Lesley and Doris Hardcastle
R & L Harden
George and Tiffany Harding
Julia and Stephen Hare
Helen Henry
Tracy Hore
Noelene Horton
Julie and Darell Hutchinson
Rachel and Peter Irons
Russell and Caroline Ives
Joan and Keith James
Karina James
Louise Jenkins
Cliff and Elizabeth Johnston
Dr Michael and Pamela Jonas
Joshua Kahan
Betty Keay
The Hon Jeffery Kennett AC – In Memory of Biddy Ponsford
Jonathan Kenton
Daniel Kilby
Iain and Lyn Kirkwood
Barbara Kolliner and Peter Kollliner OAM
Judith Landsberg
Verona Lea
Julie Lidgett
Janet Limb
Kerrie Ludekens
Elizabeth Macgregor
Gina Macpherson
Dena and Vince Mammone
Margaret Mangan
Rosemary Mangiamele
Joy Manners
Mary-Anne and Francis Mannix
Gordon and Victoria Mar
Sarah and Peter Martin
Noela McDiarmid
Lisa Burke and Lachlan McKay
Prof Peter McTigue and Catherine McTigue
David and Marie Meller
Anne and Simon Miller
Verna Millis
Joyce Millsom
Glenn and Maureen Monckton
David Morgan
Linda and Ian Morris
Erica and Max Mounter
Morris and Chana Mrocki
Anna Rosemeyer
Rosemary Nixon
Posey O’Collins
Denis O’Hara
Diane O’Neil
Campbell and Helen Paine
Dianne and Robert Paragreen
Geoffrey Parham
Lynette Payne
Moira and Graham Penwarden
Marion Pitt
Victoria Ponsford – In Memory of Biddy Ponsford
Andrew Porter and Ann Donnelly
Allan and Jill Poynton
Kim Rea
Anne and Michael Read
Dr Suzy Redston
Ralph and Ruth Renard
Cliff and Jenny Restarick
Roger and Annabel Richards
Dianne Rock and Timothy Sheahan
Noreen Rogers
Jane and Brian Rollason
Lindsay Rutter
Dr Murray Sandland
Kerry Saxby
David Scolyer
Norma Seager
Helen Searle
Julie Shelton
Irene Shone
Pirrie Simai
Katherine Simons
Pamela and Roger Sinclair
Anne Smith
Stephen Somogyi
Gordon and Lesley Spence
Sylvia Spigelman
Helen Spong
Jenny Spooner
Jean and Roger Stanley
Philip and Jean Stanley
Dr Michael and Jane Starr
Dr Donald Stewart
Rosemary Stipanov
Gabrielle Stocks
Rosemary Sunderland
Paula Walker
Dr Clayton and Christina Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
Nick Toll and Julie Nield
Thomas Tootell and Michelle Vickery
Gillian Trahair
Philip and Catherine Trinca
Dr Patrick and Rosemary Tuohey
Diane Tweeddale
John and Anna van Weel
Amanda and Jason Venning
Rosemary Walls
Susan Weis
Dianne and Chris White
Ron and Sylvia Whitmore
Cheryl and Philip Williams
Caitlin Wilson
Gordon Wilson
Valerie Wilson
Maria Wilton
Denis Wiltshire
Dr Jane Wischusen
Julia Young
Margaret and David Young
Debra Zyk
Anonymous (34)

Legacy Circle

Acknowledging supporters who have made the visionary gesture of including a gift to MTC in their will.
Mark and Tamara Boldiston
Bernadette Broberg
Adam and Donna Cusack-Muller
Peter and Betty Game
Irene Kearsey
Fiona Griffiths
Dr Andrew McAliece and Dr Richard Simmie
Max Schultz
Anonymous (4)

Legacy Gifts

Remembering and honouring those who have generously supported MTC through a bequest.
The Estate of Leta-Ray Arthy
The Christine Brown Bequest
The Estate of Ron Chapman
The Estate of Gordon J Compton
The Estate of Betty Ilic
The Estate of Bettie Kornhauser
The Kitty and Leslie Sandy Bequest
The Estate of James Hollis Minson
The Estate of Prudence Ann Tutton
The Estate of Freda E White
The Estate of Dorothy Wood