The vital life force (Prana) is the means by which the subtle and the gross bodies in human organism are connected. It activates all of the systems in the body, including the nervous system to help them work together in harmony.

Prana is distributed throughout the body by Nadis (channels of energy). The whole process of spiritual growth is made possible by Prana and Nadis. According to Tantras there are 14 principal Nadis. Of these, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are considered to be the most important.

In a mystical sense in Tantric yoga there are six major chakras :
1. Muladhara
2. Svadhisthana
3. Manipura
4. Anahata
5. Visuddha and
6. Ajna.

Chakra meditation’s main purpose is to make the chakra inactive by arousing the upward flow of Kundalini energy through the chakras. The influence of the five elements on the first five chakras is depicted in the illustration of each chakra by the particular shape (Yantra) of that element.

Traditionally, each chakra is seen in the form of a lotus – a circle around the Yantra, surrounded by a particular number of petals. The petals are the seats of mental modifications (Vritties) and connected desires. Mental modifications are a mode of our being and are maintained by sense functioning. All of the Vritties do not work all the time but some Vritti is always occupying the mind. The lotus petals are normally pointing downward, causing energy to flow down, but when the Kundalini Shakti rises, the petals go upward like a blossoming lotus. This upward movement of the petals blocks the downward flow of energy and acts like a lock.

In the chakras, each petal has a seed sound (Bija Mantra) associated with it. The Bija Mantras are sound frequencies used to invoke the divine energy inside the body. The seed sound is the storehouse of divinity in a most concentrated form. Producing seed sound in the correct manner arouses the latent power of the deity. When the divinities are invoked by seed sounds, they are absorbed in the Kundalini as the uncoiled energy that moves upward. The chakras stop working when Kundalini rises and breath is suspended. When breathing begins again, the chakras are reactivated and the game of Prana, the mind, ego, and intellect resumes.

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Sam Goraya

Sam Goraya

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Zlatko Varenina

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