A cheeky new adaptation of the popular folktale. This fun show was created especially for young children aged 4-8.

One day an acorn falls on Chicken Licken’s head and the naïve little chook thinks that “the sky is falling”. Determined to tell the king, Chicken Licken embarks on a journey meeting Henny Penny, Turkey Lurkey and more animal friends along the way. But will Foxy Loxy let them pass…

A light, fun and contemporary twist on the tale first committed to print by the Brothers Grimm.

Suitable for children 4-8

Cast & Crew

Robert Coates_Director.jpg

Robert Coates


Lucy O'Brien - Musical arrangement by.jpg

Lucy O'Brien

Musical arrangement

Alicia Haggar_Choreographer.jpg

Alicia Haggar


Jennifer McKenzie_Costume Designer.jpg

Jennifer McKenzie

Costume Designer

Linda Hum - Lighting Designer.jpg

Linda Hum

Lighting Designer

Jessica Koncic - BABE.jpg

Jessica Koncic

Chicken Licken

Piper Knight - Fly.jpg

Piper Knight

Lucy Goosey

Liam Warren - Farmer Hogget.jpg

Liam Warren

Farmer Frank and Foxy Loxy

Kristen Robertson - Mrs Hogget.jpg

Kristen Robertson

Henny Penny

Joshua Langsam-Jones   Vicar and various.jpg

Joshua Langsam-Jones

Turkey Lurkey

Alara Bagdadi - Ensemble.jpg

Alara Bagdadi


Aya Cairnes - Ensemble.jpg

Aya Cairnes


Alex Den Elzen - Ensemble.jpg

Alex Den Elzen


Ashleigh Illingworth - Bryn and various.jpg

Ashleigh Illingworth


Elizabeth Gordon-Saker - Ensemble.jpg

Elizabeth Gordon-Saker


Ivy Faehrman - Ensemble.jpg

Ivy Faehrman


Thomas Newman - Ensemble.jpg

Thomas Newman


Henry Huzzard - Mr Jones and various.jpg

Henry Huzzard

Ryan Gosling

James Grant - Ensemble.jpg

James Grant


Liam Crosbie - TV Commentator and Cat.jpg

Liam Crosbie

Zander Gander

Lushia Tiffany - Official and various.jpg

Lushia Tiffany

Farmgirl and Servant

Mia Houridis - Ensemble.jpg

Mia Houridis


Natalie Krizmanic - Shepherd and various.jpg

Natalie Krizmanic

Queen and Farm Girl

Stephanie Filiopoulos - Ensemble.jpg

Stephanie Filiopoulos


Stephanie Grech - Ma.jpg

Stephanie Grech

King and Farm Girl

Attendance Information

  • Includes theatrical haze, lighting and effects