The delightful farmyard tale of friendship and high adventure that became the hit movie Babe. This enchanting play full of talking animals follows Babe, the polite little pig, who defies the odds to save the day for Farmer Hogget and all his new farmyard…
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Cast & Creatives

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BABE the Sheep-Pig is a heart-warming farmyard story in which the animals have the ability to talk to each other. Farmer Hogget wins a clever little pig in a raffle. The pig’s name is Babe. The farmer’s wife intends to prepare Babe for the family’s Christmas dinner, but Fly, a kindly sheepdog, adopts Babe and begins teaching him how to be a sheepdog or, in this case, a sheep-pig. Babe proves himself to be a hero, protecting Farmer Hogget’s sheep from a band of thieves, and eventually he even manages to win the heart of Mrs Hogget, who gives up her plans to make him into a holiday meal.

Written by David Wood
Based on the novel by Dick King-Smith
By arrangement with ORiGiN™ Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French, Ltd.

Suitable for children 6+.

Cast & Crew

Tony Nikolakopoulos - Director.jpg

Tony Nikolakopoulos


Andy Coates_Music and arrangement by.jpg

Andy Coates

Music and Arrangement

Cara Dinley_Choreographer.jpg

Cara Dinley


Alicia Haggar_Choreographer.jpg

Alicia Haggar


Jennifer McKenzie_Costume Designer.jpg

Jennifer McKenzie

Costume Designer

Jessica Koncic - BABE.jpg

Jessica Koncic


Piper Knight - Fly.jpg

Piper Knight


Liam Warren - Farmer Hogget.jpg

Liam Warren

Farmer Hogget

Kristen Robertson - Mrs Hogget.jpg

Kristen Robertson

Mrs Hogget

Alara Bagdadi - Ensemble.jpg

Alara Bagdadi


Alex Den Elzen - Ensemble.jpg

Alex Den Elzen


Ashleigh Illingworth - Bryn and various.jpg

Ashleigh Illingworth

Bryn and Various

Aya Cairnes - Ensemble.jpg

Aya Cairnes


Elizabeth Gordon-Saker - Ensemble.jpg

Elizabeth Gordon-Saker


Henry Huzzard - Mr Jones and various.jpg

Henry Huzzard

Mr Jones and various

Ivy Faehrman - Ensemble.jpg

Ivy Faehrman


James Grant - Ensemble.jpg

James Grant


Joshua Langsam-Jones   Vicar and various.jpg

Joshua Langsam-Jones

Vicar and various

Liam Crosbie - TV Commentator and Cat.jpg

Liam Crosbie

TV commentator and Cat

Lushia Tiffany - Official and various.jpg

Lushia Tiffany

Official and Various

Mia Houridis - Ensemble.jpg

Mia Houridis


Natalie Krizmanic - Shepherd and various.jpg

Natalie Krizmanic

Shepherd and various

Stephanie Filiopoulos - Ensemble.jpg

Stephanie Filiopoulos


Stephanie Grech - Ma.jpg

Stephanie Grech


Thomas Newman - Ensemble.jpg

Thomas Newman


Attendance Information

  • Theatrical haze, lighting and effects.