"I think healing is a process..."

Lara Foot’s powerful story of two injured souls searching for redemption in post-Apartheid South Africa, Solomon and Marion, opens tonight at Arts Centre Melbourne. In putting together the souvenir programme for the play, we found the below quote from Lara, which sums up both the play and the broader potential of theatre rather beautifully.

I think healing is a process. There’s no specific moment of redemption, there is no one specific moment or isolated moment of forgiveness. It’s a process. Healing is a process. Redemption is a process. The process involves engagement and it involves empathy, and that in itself takes time. I suppose [it also] takes experience of life and I think theatre contributes to this experience … It’s one of the places where people can share and engage, and it’s certainly the place where I personally find healing.

Lara Foot

You can find more images from the live production of Solomon and Marion here.

This is an excerpt from the _Solomon and Marion programme, available at Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Studio during the production’s season, 7 June to 20 July 2013._

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