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Flashback: Elizabeth Debicki

With The Great Gatsby star Elizabeth Debicki currently setting the film world buzzing, we couldn’t help reminiscing about when we first met Elizabeth – back in 2011, as she prepared for Joanna Murray-Smith’s The Gift, directed by Maria Aitken.

Some of the filming for The Great Gatsby actually took place during our season of The Gift, which meant that unfortunately Elizabeth had to miss some of the performances (Laura Gordon did a brilliant job in her absence). Of course, at the time, we couldn’t say anything about why Elizabeth had to disappear – but what a thrill it is to see the on-screen result.

You can see more images from our production of The Gift in the gallery on the right of this page (click the image to enlarge). And you can catch Joanna Murray-Smith’s latest comedy, True Minds, at Southbank Theatre, The Sumner until this Saturday.

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