Vintage Treasures: the shoe collection

During our 60 years of making theatre, we’ve acquired a great many treasures. Some were purchased, some donated, and others were bequeathed to the Company by avid collectors and theatre fans. From turn of the century corsetry to stunning silk gowns; from intricate glass beaded belts to perfectly preserved cloche hats – there are so many precious pieces stored safely in our wardrobe department. Many of these items are so delicate that we don’t dare place them on stage; and to attempt to repair some them would be to risk damaging them further (to say nothing of the time and cost it would take to make such fine repairs).

While they cannot grace the stage, we can still share them with you here – and so we will! Starting with some of our vintage shoes. Oh how we wish we could slip our toes into some of these dainty slippers…







All photos by Julie Nixon.

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