O is sexy, O is sublime, O is submissive, O is delicious, O is a mess, O is powerful, O is O.

THE RABBLE take on Pauline Reage’s famous erotic novel Story of O, reinventing it as a surreal and erotic visual fantasia. We follow a woman known only as O as she submits to her lover’s demands – sex with men, sex with women, sex in public, sex with strangers, sex with machines – a festival of perversity, a denouncement of self.

I want more / I don’t want more /I want more

THE RABBLE take you deeper – exploring the recesses of O’s mind, the depths of female sexuality, deviancy, arousal and submission. A luscious, visceral odyssey through O’s looking glass. Story of O is THE RABBLE in their element : feminine, provocative, subversive and beautiful.


Gary Abrahams
Pier Carthew
Emily Millege
Dana Miltins
Jane Montgomery Griffiths
Mary Helen Sassman


Kate Davis and Emma Valente – Creators
Emma Valente – Director
Kate Davis – Design



‘What THE RABBLE does is absolutely bloody remarkable.’ – The Australian

THE RABBLE is a collection of artists formed in 2006 by Syd Brisbane, Kate Davis and Emma Valente. THE RABBLE are theatrical mavericks: experimental, surreal, brash, magical, ambitious and original. They have produced many works in both Melbourne and Sydney, including ‘Orlando’, ‘Special’, ‘The Bedroom Project’, ‘Cageling’, ‘Salome: In Cogito Volume III’ and ‘Corvus’. Their work has been nominated for several awards, with ‘Special’ receiving the 2011 Green Room Award for Design Integration.

Attendance Information

  • Adults only
  • Warning: Recommended for people 18 years and older. Some audience members may find the content very distressing. Contains strong sexual violence, bondage, sex scenes, adult themes, full nudity, strong coarse language, loud noise, strobe lighting, smoke effects and use of replica weapons.