Readings of excerpts of works-in-development from three playwrights.

Truly Madly Britney by Alberto Di Troia

Adam and Steve – die-hard Britney Spears fans, long-term boyfriends and Savage Garden doppelgängers – are in America on a pilgrimage along the holy sites of Britney’s 2007 breakdown. But when their meet-and-greet tickets for Britney’s concert residency in Las Vegas are inexplicably cancelled, everything begins to fall apart.

With the cracks in their relationship deepening, the couple are forced apart and plunged on an increasingly absurd journey through burgers, morphine, stolen Make-A-Wish gifts, bad Croatian accents, vomit, guns, sex, and mistaken identity. On finally confronting Britney’s shiny façade, Adam and Steve must rediscover their love for each other if they are to escape the dark heart of American pop culture.

The Body by Dan Giovannoni

A scrap of land in contested territory. An underpopulated village rife with secrets, lies, and double-crossing idiots. A cantankerous matriarch with a mouth like a sniper and a past like her mouth. And in the middle of it all – a body, fallen from a plane shot out of the sky. Maybe an accident, probably a warning, definitely a problem.

The Body is a pitch-black comedy about nationalism, war and how to gut a chook.

Burning Man by Natesha Somasundaram

There is Harry (Hari) and there is Charlie (Chalini), and there is their mother Priya (she’s had a bit of a stroke), and there is her occupational therapist Evan (he’s the only one that’s not brown, fyi). There is a Fitbit and a Google Home, and there is a decent-sized television broadcasting crusty genitals (it’s Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 9) and there is a calendar from 2015 (it’s the free one from the temple) and there is mould in the cracks (it’s probably soap scum), and paint on the floor (it’s art) and if you look hard enough, you can see a man burning alive.

This is a middle class family like you’ve never seen before.

Attendance Information

  • These readings include coarse language, mature themes and descriptions of sexual acts.